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Giving a VOICE to Domestic Violence

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Self-Isolation... Restricted... Limitations... "You can't"...

Many of us have been getting back to enjoying life as the Stay Home orders and guidelines have been lifting, freeing us to interact with others and in society again...

Imagine for a moment that was NOT the case for you, that you were forced to continue living in isolation with no hope of having restrictions lifted. That the possibility of being free to make choices is NOT available to you.

Domestic violence can be such an environment for its victims. Safe Passage provides resources, education, and a safe place for victims to break free, to slow or stop a cycle.

While our community is re-opening, consider supporting those in a position that do not have the opportunity to phase out of isolation because they live in it day in and day out as victims, unsure of how to lift themselves and their families out... there is no re-opening plans for these individuals.

Let’s give them a way and a plan!! A small donation will go a long way to helping Safe Passage be the way and provide the plan. Would you forego a coffee today so that others can experience the joy and hope of phased reopening?

Yours in Community,

Katie Hunt and Jeanette Laster

~ The Lady d’Alenes